One not glamorous thing I’ve discovered

The flu. It ravaged our entire house, except for our sweet Nola. I was so worried that I would pass it to her, but I took the doctors advice and kept breast feeding her. Because I was a sweaty mess, I opted to not make a video, but I am working on it right now glamour mommas!

Even when things are out of your control, and you feel like you’re drowning-remember, you are a good mom. You are doing your best.


2 thoughts on “One not glamorous thing I’ve discovered

  1. I love this one. As Mom’s, we put so much pressure on ourselves to be perfect, 100% of the time and the guilt is inevitable. It’s nice to read small reminders that even in our worst moments, we are still great st being mommy.


    • Thank you! I agree so very much. The first time I fed Nola formula, I cried. How ridiculous! I cried because I was feeding my baby?! I felt such pressure to exclusively nurse and if I didn’t, well I must not care. The exact opposite. I was finally able to take care of myself and get things done AND be happy. I both breast feed and formula now and that’s what works for us. It makes me sad to see women tearing each other to pieces based on their opinions. We should lift each other up!


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