Dear Mom, 

Dear mom,
I don’t think you ever truly realize how hard being a parent is, until you become one. You don’t realize the overflowing abundance of joy and anxiety all rolled into one confusing wonderful emotion. 
I have some things to thank you for. Not the “thanks for being the best mom ever” stuff. Because you are and I knew that already. But for some real specific mom stuff, that wow, really hit me tonight. 
Thank you for letting me crawl into bed (or lay on the side of it) with you in the middle of the night when I got scared. I know you didn’t didn’t sleep much or well when I did this, But you sure made me secure and to always feel safe with you. Thank you for protecting me. 
Thank you for picking up the toys I just flung all over the place, at the end of the night. Not a glamorous task, but it made each morning a new adventure to throw everything all over again!
Thank you for always being prepared and knowing when to ask for help from others. I learned how to ask for help from you.

Thank you for cleaning up my bath toys and picking up my dirty clothes, because I was too small to do it myself. 
Thank you for checking on me in the middle of the night because I made a weird noise. And end up just staring at me because…well you didn’t  need a reason. 
Thank you for cleaning up the vomit, spit, snot and diapers. I needed it and you always took care of me, when it wasn’t cute and giggly.
Thank you for wiping my face and hands after every meal or crazy day outside. 

Thank you for choosing to stay home at night because your children needed you and only you to sing them a song before bed. It may have been more fun to hang out with friends, but nobody sang a lullaby like you. Nobody. 
Thank you for loving my daddy. And always speaking positively about him in front of me. 
Thank you for going out and pursuing your dream and legacy for our family when all you wanted was to stay home and get a few minutes of quiet “me” time. 
Thank you for building this business, because even though I was too small to realize it-you were building my dream, because I saw it. And now I realize the strength it took. You were already at the place in your business when I was born, that you and dad could have stopped. Our life would have still been amazing. But you kept going. You knew that helping other people doesn’t take time off. You taught me to always keep going. And always help others. You never know who’s life you’re changing. 
Thank you for all that you do. It means even more now that I am following in your footsteps. If I turn out to be 1/100th of the mom you are, I will feel so lucky. 
I love you.