Meal planning! 

It took me awhile to get into a groove with my meal planning, but I can’t imagine not doing it now! It saves us time, money and HANGER (hunger/angry…lol) I shared this with a friend of mine, and decided to pass it along in case it could help! 

Pick a day that you can carve out an hour to make a list for the week (for me, it’s Sunday am). Have your calendar there too. In case one of you will be out, etc. 

I write down each day of the week like this


Breakfast: eggs, bacon, toast

Lunch: peanut butter wrap & grapes (Nola) chicken salad (N&R)

Dinner: blue apron meal 

Then, I decide what we are going to have at each meal. I don’t go crazy detailed (it’s just really for me to reference anyway)
We get blue apron meals delivered each week. 3 meals for 2 people is about $60. I like to cook, so this service works for me. And they give you all the ingredients, you prepare and plate. So it’s work. Unless you like to cook, it may not work for you. And there’s usually enough for Nola to have some. 
We are partnered with Omaha Steaks (you can order any meat/wine/apps online). It was cheaper/more efficient to order that stuff, than buying it at Ralph’s. And it’s really high quality. Check out their site-it’s kind of amazing. 
I like to do one crock pot meal a week as well. Usually also takes care of an extra lunch or dinner leftovers with minimal effort. Sometimes I google “delicious crock pot recipes” I also have a crock pot cook book. 
Once I have the meals planned out, I make a grocery list based on that. I go grocery shopping on Monday. I wait until I get to Ralph’s to see what veggies and fruit is on sale. So I don’t get specific with that part. I also consider snacks when making the list. I finally locked down that shopping on Monday works for me. And now if I don’t go on Monday-everyone’s eating cheese-its for dinner 
At night, I always look at the meal plan and take whatever is for lunch/dinner out of the feeezer (if meat) to go into the fridge to defrost. (I HATE if I wait until the last minute to wait for meat to defrost)
My favorite quick meal:

-large can whole tomatoes peeled

-3 cloves garlic, minced 

-olive oil

-crushed red pepper

-salt and pepper 

-frozen ravioli 
1. Put the tomatoes in a bowl, break apart with your hands.

2. Heat up olive oil in pan and add minced garlic. Wait about a minute and add red pepper/salt/pepper to taste

3. Add tomatoes, bring to simmer to thicken. Stirring occasionally 

4. Boil raviolis (3-4 mins)

5. Serve with Steamed veggies or salad on the side!
What are some of your favorite meal planning tips? 

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