Fitting it all in!

I know this will hit lots of mommas, but also women on the go. The eternal question; HOW DO I FIT IT ALL IN!? How do you find the balance of being a good mom/partner/business owner/human being?!

I run my business out of our home and could not be more thankful to be home with our baby. Well, Nola is now 8 months and ON THE MOVE. It really makes me think, what did I do when she slept 15 hours a day?! Not to take anything away from being a first time mom of a newborn, that is TOUGH. And nothing can really prepare you for that. I am just saying, I really miss those long naps. REALLY. REALLY.

I have mentioned in previous posts that preparation is everything. If i don’t have prepared food in the fridge, I would starve. If I didn’t prepare my diaper bag each night for the next day, I would be begging random moms at the mall for a diaper. It is all about getting organized. Which is not something i excel at…until now.

A good friend mentioned her routine every night and I LOVE it. In the entertainment industry there are a lot of terms on set that are only used on set. One of them is “back to one”. Which means; back to the starting position before the cameras start rolling. So every night, we set the house “back to one”. That means, all the toys are put away, dishes washed, kitchen cleaned diaper bag ready, etc. Back to one. It takes me 10 minutes to do that at night and saves me from catching up the whole next morning. I let the house get as messy as it needs to during the day and just know that at night, i will take the time to put it back together again. Instead of having to clean after every playtime, I give myself a moment to catch up on emails, make phone calls, meet with clients or a few precious moments to myself to read or work out. Balance.

This didn’t just start working for me overnight, but once I found how it worked best, I can’t imagine not doing it. When I am prepared, I am able to be my best self.

Where in your life can you prepare more?

Nola in her car!This is a walker by Combi, which also helps me to get things done with Nola on the loose! She is able to be active while i wash dishes or prepare our dinner! I highly recommend!